Monday, July 9, 2012

Woven | a new ministry for teenage girls

It's finally here! Our new ministry for high school girls debuts this week on Wednesday at 7:30 pm. We're so excited to begin this program and hope you'll come along side us and pray as we prepare to kick off the summer! 

Woven is targeted at ninth-twelfth grade girls and is part of our strategy for meeting the needs of all our students midweek. We intend to continue to lead the girls in developing a genuine and growing relationship with God. We'll guide them in studying the Word daily, cultivating a rich prayer life, and reflecting through a personal journal. It is our intention to encourage the girls to go deeper in their walk with Christ. 

Woven will begin on July 11th with a Bible study titled A Daughter's Worth. The study will continue for thirteen weeks and end on October 3rd. Each week we will study Biblical truths that deal with modern struggles – realizing self worth, dealing with emotions, handling the pressures of comparison, sharing beliefs, and following God’s direction are just some of the topics we’ll cover. 

The study will wrap up with an overnight retreat in Newport on Friday, October 5th. Together we will reflect on what we’ve learned and share our thoughts and insights. More information about the retreat will be provided in early fall. This doesn’t mean that the ministry of Woven is over! The retreat will just signal the culmination of our first study. Now please join us in prayer as we prepare for this ministry!

Note: Handouts will be provided; however, if you would like to purchase a personal copy of A Daughter's Worth, it’s available on Amazon. Click here to order.