Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quest: OSBC Youth Summer Program

“God…Who are You…really?” 

Have you ever asked God this question? 

 Have you ever encountered God? 

These are the questions that this year’s youth summer program will go after. 

This is the quest we will go on. 

God is our Quest this summer. 

Quest will start on Thursday, July 5th and will finish on Thursday, August 16th.  Quest will take place every Thursday. 

Quest will be a very creative experience in finding, encountering and worshipping God. 

Quest will include small groups, sacred weekly readings, daily “text” messages, exploratory and creative worship/devotional times in and outside, lots of devotional art, music and it will include recreational events and Church service projects. 

To enter this community called Quest you will need: 
1. Texting Capability (or be able to provide a parent’s cell number) 
2. One Journal (more than 100 pages; not a notebook, but a journal) 
3. Have a good backpack, water bottle, Off spray, good shoes. 
4. Write one, no less than 600 words, prayer to God concerning how you want to know Him more.  Here is a structure to follow in your written prayer:
• Adore Him first in the letter 
• Confess to Him where you have been at spiritually. 
• Thank Him. 
• Supplication: Ask Him to guide you, and to reveal Himself to You more than ever this summer…don’t forget, TELL HIM WHY. Why do you want to know Him more? What are you after? 
• Get this to Michael or Missy by JUNE 17th. 

5. Await an invitation that will give you the full summer itinerary and extra info needed.

                                                                              Q  U  E  S  T

                             “Leading youth into a genuine and growing relationship with Jesus” 
                                                                          O S B C Y O U T H

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